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DENS Celebrates National Mentoring Month 2023

To kick off the new year, DENS is celebrating National Mentoring Month – established by MENTOR and the Harvard T.H. School of Public Health in 2002 to amplify, encourage, and strengthen mentorship within businesses, schools, and other communities.

MENTOR is a non-profit organization created to expand opportunities for young people by leading a youth mentoring movement and serving as an expert on quality mentoring.

As companies of all sizes and industries look for meaningful ways to engage their employees, many – including DENS – have turned to mentoring. The corporate sector plays a major role in ensuring that younger generations are engaged and prepared for the 21st century workforce.

Research shows that when companies support mentoring, not only do employees mentor more, but even those who do not mentor contribute to the movement by donating their resources, skills, or voice.

MENTOR has also found that employees who work for a company that cares about mentoring are simply happier with their jobs and think highly of their employer.


Mentorship in the Facilities Maintenance Industry

Organizations everywhere are struggling to retain skilled workers, as more young professionals opt to perform knowledge work, and older workers enter retirement.

Without the expertise of skilled workers, facilities would fall into disrepair and become unsafe, unsanitary, unpleasant places to be. This underscores just how important it is to preserve their wisdom.

Mentorship programs are one of the most effective ways to organize, capture, and distribute institutional knowledge – especially in facilities maintenance environments where tacit knowledge is prevalent.

A good mentorship program is mutually beneficial; the mentee learns more about the profession, while the mentor gains new perspectives and teaching skills by working with the mentee.

Most importantly, mentorship programs help junior employees improve their hard and soft skills and prepare them for a future in the changing facilities maintenance industry.

DENS’ Approach to Mentorship

At DENS, we recognize the value of mentorship within our organization and across the facilities maintenance industry at large.

One of the pillars of the DENS organization is its intensive two-week training program, otherwise known as DENS Bootcamp. The program combines in-class, online, and on-the-job training to provide a truly immersive experience.

During field training, future DENS employees shadow a team of experienced lab technicians. Not only do trainees walk away with a greater understanding of lab environments, but they are well-versed in DENS’ culture and values.

DENS is the only known company to offer a dedicated training program to facilities employees entering the Life Sciences industry.

Through its Bootcamp program and other initiatives, DENS is proving that facilities maintenance jobs are some of the most rewarding available today.

Because the demand for workers is so much greater than the supply, facilities careers typically offer fair pay, good benefits, and long-term stability.

DENS is proud to provide its employees with meaningful work, opportunities for advancement, mentoring, and more.

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