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Maximizing Your Laboratory's Potential: The Essential Role of Support Services

At the center of every successful Life Sciences venture is a high-functioning laboratory. After all, lab work is vital to the research and development of biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and other life-changing treatments.

Whether you’re a pillar of the Life Sciences industry or a new investor, your lab should run like a well-oiled machine. That’s where lab support services come in.

Lab support services can take many forms – from equipment testing and certification to consumables management. These services are designed to keep the lab running smoothly, efficiently, and safely.

So, which services are most critical? What are the benefits? And how do you secure reliable support? DENS addresses your most important questions about laboratory support services.

Types of Laboratory Support Services

From plumbing and HVAC to safety and security, every lab is made up of countless critical systems, and each system comprises its own unique equipment. The services you require will vary depending on the equipment and work being performed within your lab. But there are several services required across all lab environments, including:

Maintenance & Repair

When equipment breaks down, it can disrupt key experiments and halt the progress of your lab work. By utilizing support services and conducting regular maintenance, you can minimize the risk of equipment failures and keep your lab running smoothly. Maintenance and repair services include calibration and cleaning as well as troubleshooting and repairing equipment when issues arise. It is imperative to have trained technicians who are familiar with the specific equipment used in the lab, in addition to safety protocols, to carry out these services.

Testing & Certification

Testing and certification services are necessary to ensure that lab equipment and processes meet the standards set forth by your organization and certain governing agencies. HEPA filter integrity testing, temperature and relative humidity testing, and airflow visualization testing are common in cleanroom environments. Many Life Sciences organizations must also obtain certain ISO and ASHRAE certifications. Testing and certification services are often carried out by third-party organizations that have the expertise and equipment to perform the tests accurately and reliably.

Supply Management & Procurement

Even the most cutting-edge lab can’t function effectively without the right supplies. Someone must be assigned responsibility for procuring necessities, such as chemicals, gases, lab ware, and cleaning supplies. Procurement professionals may also work to identify the best suppliers and negotiate favorable terms, including discounts and flexible payment options.

The Benefits of Laboratory Support Services

One of the primary benefits of employing lab support services is improved efficiency. When equipment is well-maintained, it is less likely to break down or produce inaccurate results. This can save time and money by reducing the need for repeat experiments or the use of backup equipment.

Furthermore, lab support services result in improved safety conditions for lab workers. Safety is of the utmost importance in lab settings, and the right partner can provide valuable training and consultation to ensure that best practices are being followed. This helps prevent accidents and injuries as well as protect against legal liabilities.

All too often, Life Sciences organizations are forced to compromise. Either they neglect their lab and put their team’s safety and compliance at risk, or they spend hours on lab maintenance, distracting them from the important work at hand.

Conveniently, DENS offers a range of expert lab support services, including everything from safety system checks to bio-waste and chemical management. Some of the largest biotech and pharmaceutical organizations in the world trust DENS to service their labs.

And for good reason: DENS employees undergo the most extensive training in the Life Sciences industry, using the equipment they’ll be responsible for managing once deployed to the lab. All our staff graduate Bootcamp as Life Sciences Technicians I, II, or III.

If you want to compete in the red-hot Life Sciences market, it’s crucial that your lab runs at peak efficiency. Allow DENS to manage your space, so you can remain focused on your groundbreaking work.

For more information about DENS’ lab support services, email one of our experts.

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